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The Little Urban Tea Family


We love tea! I mean we really REALLY love tea. When I say "we" I mean the entire family loves tea.


We came to realize how much money we were spending on tea and beyond that what ingredients the teas were comprised of. We learned at that moment not all teas are made the same and we had to be diligent about what we chose to purchase. Eventually, after much consideration we just decided to launch our own little urban tea company and thus it was born. 


Since we prefer not to have "Artifical Flavors" or the other less than savory agents in our foods we made the pledge to never add that into any one elses. We want you to enjoy the tea in its most natural and organic state. Whole ingredients, made by hand, and made to order.


Come try some, tell us what you think, and return to get some more!



April & Stephen Founders of The Little Urban Tea Co.