Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Do you use "Natural or Artificial Flavorings" in your teas?


A: No, we here at the Little Urban Tea Co. only use whole ingredients when crafting our teas. Natural Flavors can be vast in type, ranging from wood sawdust, to the anal secretion from a beaver (castoreum, as it is called is used for vanilla, raspberry, or strawberry flavoring) and we don't want to begin hiding our ingredients behind such an ambigous label - so we don't. We only use whole ingredients.

Q: Are your teas 100% organic and Fair-Trade?


A: Yes and Yes. There is no compromise when it comes to making certain our teas are 100% organic, and 95% Fair-Trade. We are working hard with our sources to make that 95% of our ingredients being Fair-Trade to 100%.

Q: Do your teas contain Hazardous Packaging?


A: No. We tend not to use plastics in our packaging as many (if not all) plastics leech chemicals into your tea that then enters your body - we can't have that now can we? 


Our tea bags are made from cotton cloth, with a cloth drawstring. No metal staples, nylon, or plastics touch the tea.