Tea No-No Watchlist

"The Subtle Foods We Eat Become Our Minds"

                          - The Upanishads



Tea shouldn't be industrially forged, and it shouldn't be riddle down with heavily processed components - so we create it by hand and made to order.


Tea shouldn't be picked by non-fair trade laborers, and the end goal of the company providing the tea shouldn't be monetary - so we dump mass profits back into learning more about the properties of tea, and making certain laborers receive a living wage.


Tea, and its many components that create such a variety of teas shouldn't be hidden from the consumers mind - so we have setup this education center to teach all of you about just what makes tea so special.


We mentioned the quote from the Upanishads that you have read above and that one simple quote is something we live by. The subtle energy of the ingredients that we use to craft our tea becomes a part of you. We aren't in the business of poisoning our consumers, but rather in making sure that they are given the wholly organic tea experience as if they picked it from the plant themselves.